Modern Ascension

Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates


Welcome to 'Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates.' Discover the lives of thirteen individuals on their unique journeys of ascension in today's world. Whether you're a gifted healer, a public servant, or someone leading a quieter life, these diverse stories will resonate with you, showcasing the modern face of ascension that unites us all. Explore the shared pursuit of spiritual enlightenment in this compelling book.

Meet the Storytellers

​Meet the contributors of Modern Ascension – the thirteen people who have shared their personal stories of Ascension in the book. These high level initiates have cleared their karma and have left the cycle of rebirth, and their Higher Selves are now fully in body in service to humanity and the entire planet. As you will read below, they are normal people and no pedestal is needed. The book and this website is our way of sharing how attainable Ascension is. Ascension is no longer for the few. You too can achieve Ascension in this lifetime - if you choose it. 

Carol Anne Halstead

My name is Carol Anne Halstead and I have compiled a series of 13 stories from individuals around the world who are on a spiritual path of Ascension. The name of the book is Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates. I have also contributed my own Ascension story to the book. I have been affiliated with the Ascended Masters’ Portal in New Zealand since 2013. I passed out of the cycle of re-birth in May, 2016. I am now on the 5th Ray of Truth, Healing and Knowledge. I have a Protection Grid.
In November 2018, just after I passed the 7th initiation, my Higher Self showed an image of me sitting at a table with blank paper in front of me and a pen beside the paper. Later I was given the title of the book to write. I have no formal book writing or publishing experience but decided to put it out there on our Ascension Facebook page. The response was immediate and strong. Together, we forged the book this website is about.
This is our way of contributing to spreading the word about this Ascension journey we must all eventually take. Our stories are unique yet similar in that as we have each forged our spiritual paths, we discovered the help of the Ascended Masters at the portal in New Zealand. These are changing times and as individuals begin to ‘wake up’, they will hopefully appreciate reading about how so many ordinary people took this journey before them and were able to leave the cycle of re-birth and raise their spiritual vibration. 


Andrew Logan

My name is Andrew Logan and I am a student of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and someone who is very keen about personal and spiritual development. I have practiced different forms of spirituality for the last decade, including most prominently Tibetan Buddhism and the more modern Ascension teachings. Through these teachings and practices, I have passed the 7th initiation. I am committed to continual personal growth and service work, and have a healing practice where I offers healing sessions, energetic activations, and attunements from my Higher Self.

Kathryn Murray

My name is Kathryn Murray and I have been many things throughout my 67 years in this lifetime - a daughter, a sister, a nurse, a midwife, an international traveller, a reiki master, a masseuse, a guitar and ukulele player, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. As a 7th Initiate of two years on the rainbow 8th ray, my next phase is of reinvention and renewal...tapping into the quantum to bring refreshing possibilities into the light, while continuing to work in service with other high Initiates and Ascended Masters for the higher good of humanity and our planet. 

Sheila Franzen

My name is Sheila Franzen and I have been learning about and working with the Ascended Masters for over 20 years.  As a 7th Initiate, I am humbled and honored to know that my physical incarnations on earth are complete.  I stand in service to my Higher Self and those that I love and interact with each day.

As a Lightworker, I want to see the world become a better place. I spend time in meditation every day. I am constantly reading books that expand my understanding of the world, myself and others. You can read more about that at  I enjoy writing and write about my adventures of learning here in this school we know as Earth.

Elaine Marie

My name is Elaine Marie and I have passed the 7th initiation. I am passionate about providing assistance and guidance for those who seek the return of their own unique and inherent spiritual wholeness. My goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with your Higher Self.

I work directly with my Higher Self and other Beings of Light to offer a variety of assistance to those who seek it along their spiritual path - shamanic sound and light healing, shamanic soul retrieval to help reassemble the fragmented self from an accumulation of many distressing and traumatic lifetimes, Skype-based life and spiritual coaching and intuitive counseling, and workshops and personal retreats for women’s healing, growth and evolution and for couples seeking to create a more sacred union. I also serve as an ascension guide to help you understand your ascension path and as a resource to ask any questions or concerns you may have.

It is my intention to create a mirror for you to see more clearly and a road-map for your remembrance. You are the creator of your reality and your evolution, and ultimately each soul must be empowered to remember their abilities to heal themselves. 

Dr. Simi Ahuja

My name is ​​​Dr. Simi Ahuja and I am a board-certified Family Practice Physician. I am also a Mind Body Medicine practitioner and a Medical Intuitive.
In March 2008, feeling disgruntled, hopeless and helpless about both my professional and personal life, I began to search for a higher power that, intellectually, I knew was within me. But I did not know how to tap into that power. I began to read books and take spiritual classes in hopes to find a trail that would lead me within. I was lucky enough to find a teacher who taught me the art of looking within. The more I looked within and forgave, the stronger my spiritual powers became. This is when I stumbled upon the inner wisdom that relentlessly guides our path. With the assistance of this newly discovered wisdom, I was able to assist a gentleman, in his 70’s, to heal a non-healing surgical wound that was requiring a fourth surgery. He was able to heal the wound completely without the need for a subsequent surgery simply with using the power of the mind infused with unconditional Love. What was even more remarkable was that over time, I began to heal my own cognitive brain dysfunction that resulted from chronic childhood sexual trauma. I am a living testament to the power of the mind to heal the physical body. 
This is the first time I realized the power of the mind to heal the physical body and it forever shifted my perception of what it means to truly heal. This occurrence has helped me to see that the very power to heal lies within each and every one of us. The innate intelligence of the human body to heal itself by itself given the right tools is far greater than what we could ever conceive. This power is ready to be tapped into given a little bit of willingness on our part.
Driven by my newfound understanding and my passion to help others to heal at a deep level and in a profound way the way I have, I began to hold community classes in order to inspire and educate those who wanted to take charge of their health in an empowered way. I have helped to empower hundreds. I am eager to help more people tap into their innate healing ability.

Luz Victoria Winter

“In the world of caterpillars and butterflies, a caterpillar must earn the privilege to become a butterfly” - Luz Victoria Winter

My name is Luz Victoria Winter. I am a bright light that has come to light the world via service and commitment to my Higher Self. I work with the Ascended Masters to support the transformation of our planet. My spiritual journey has taken me to many places externally and internally, to include an influential time spent in India. I was classically trained by my spiritual master, an Indian Guru, that is known as “The Hugging Saint.” Her training was rigorous and very intense. She helped me clear extensive karma and solidified spiritual foundational principles that have supported me through the higher level initiations. At this point in my life, I am at peace, balanced, and of service to humankind. In the system of higher level initiations, I am currently at the higher post 7th initiation level. As a 7th ray, my service is expanding to larger groups of people. Writing has become my instrument of service. I plan on expanding my chapter in Modern Ascension into a book or screenplay. May Light Prevail!



My name is ​​AmayahGrace. I was born in the UK, and in my 30s, I answered Spirit’s call to come to New Zealand. Here, in this fresh new land, I learned to breathe again and to start the journey of uncovering and re-membering WHO I AM.

My healing abilities were re-awakened in 2000. Since then, my commitment to my path of service as an Intuitive Healer, New Consciousness Teacher and Change Catalyst becomes ever clearer and brighter as I continue to open to higher healing for myself and others.

Part of my re-connection has been to receive from Spirit the name of AmayahGrace - meaning The Grace of The Divine Mother. Making the commitment to connect more deeply with WHO I AM and my Soul’s purpose is the bedrock of my Ascension journey and enables me to experience ever more Love, Joy and Lightness of Being while living and working with clarity and simplicity.

I incarnated as a 5th Ray Soul, the Ray of Healing, Truth and Knowledge.  Up to 2014, my Ascension process involved my clearing the dross and karma from all seven chakras. In 2014, I passed the 6th Initiation—when my Higher Self began to embody and we became one. I/we are now on the 3rd Ray, the Ray of Unconditional Love. I began my journey through the 7th Initiation in January 2016.
It is a work in progress!


Brad Panopoulos

My name is Brad Panopoulos and I am currently a 7th initiate living in Ontario Canada. In 2016 I passed the 4th initiation and was welcomed into the group of other initiates working with the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand. Soon after joining, I stepped into a service role with the Masters. Utilizing a meditation technique known as the torus technique, I formed the group torus events with the Ascended Masters. This brought together the initiates and allowed the Masters to come closer to our dimension in service to humanity during these times of Ascension.
Now, as a 7th initiate, I strive to follow the path of my Higher Self and my service to the Masters has turned into a deeper working relationship.

My Higher Self is now 100% in form and I am completely on the blue aspect of the 1st ray, the ray of God’s will and power. Metaphysical energy work is a close part of my being, and together with my Higher Self, I offer a variety of energetic healing services. I have several certifications including Reiki Grand Master, White Light Reiki, and Lightwave.

Tammy Manzo

My name is Tammy Manzo and I have been working with energy for the last ten years, and seriously working on my Ascension for the last three. I’m at the 6th initiation and it is a wondrously beautiful space full of experiences and expansion. 

I offer Akashic Record Healing Sessions with the Ascended Masters and soul-based astrology readings. I’ve studied astrology since I was twelve years old, and it is still my lifelong passion. I have wonderful astrology guides who channel information to me during readings. I am also a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and a Practical Reiki Master/Teacher and have been teaching Reiki for the past few years as well. 

The Ascended Masters frequently come to assist me in my work.

I have the gift of Inspiration, an energy that is a living, breathing thing inside me that is connected to Source. I delight in being the biggest cheerleader for my clients and am holding space for them where everything is possible. I have seen the impossible change to possible in a matter of seconds.  It really happens and it can happen for everyone who believes. I do!

Verna Maruata

My name is Verna Maruata, and I am one of the keepers of the vast Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. Starting in my childhood, El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Gautauma Buddha (to name a few) started to teach me practical exercises and techniques I would need to assist them with the portal they have created here in New Zealand. The Ascended Masters only have one focus for humanity, and that is Ascension. My role is to demystify Ascension by making the process clear and attainable for all who choose to consciously ascend. 

The Masters gifted me two crown chakras, one for me and the other for them to work through me in the portal. This ensured my connection to them was clear, and all the information I received from them was pure and unclouded by my lower self’s perception.

Since the Ascended Masters portal was completed, I have passed the 7th initiation and I am no longer tied to repeating physical incarnations. My two crown chakras were removed at the 7th initiation and replaced by a vortex that the Masters utilise. 

My working relationship with the Ascended Masters continues to this day. My twin flame Waireti and I work with the Masters as they help humanity in their Ascension process. This is a position of sacred trust that we take very seriously. To learn more about Ascension and how you can ascend in this lifetime, visit our website. 


Elizabeth Tackenberg

My name is Elizabeth Tackenberg. I am a retired Registered Architect and a retired Certified Professional Coach living in Miami Beach, Florida.  In my spare time during my decades of work as an Architect, I initiated, taught, and guided students in the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation for Kriya Yoga Institute. Following this phase while working as a traditional Life Coach, I integrated my knowledge of the Akashic Records, various energy healing modalities, and God-consciousness Healing for maximum results.

I found the Ascension with the Ascended Masters website in 2015 and started using their products and receiving healings from the Ascended Masters which enabled me to pass the 7th initiation in August 2019.  My Higher Self, Charles, is on the Rainbow Ray (the 8th ray) and is handsome, friendly, attentive, outgoing, and kind. 

Currently, I am relishing this blessed time of rest, meditation and contemplation.  I am grateful.